LEFT TO RIGHT: Marder III , Panzer III and Panzer II

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The Tiger

The 88mm Flak Gun

Panzer Specials

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During the African Campaign, German Panzer divisions in Africa were supplied with various kinds of tanks, assault guns, tank destroyers and other equipment. In the early stages of this campaign Germans were equipped with Panzer Is, Panzer IIs, Panzer IIIs and small number of Panzer IVs. In 1942, both Panzer I and II became obsolete and were used only as reconnaissance tanks. To make further use of them, Germans used their chassis as bases for various conversions such as the tank destroyer; Marder II, self-propelled artillery Wespe and others. During the African Campaign a few Panzer Is were also converted in the field to mount flame-throwers. The main battle tanks used by the Germans in Africa were Panzer III and IV's which proved effective during Blitzkrieg, but were not up to standards on the Eastern Front. Since Adolf Hitler did not pay too much attention to the African Campaign, Rommel`s supplies were neglected and rarely consisted of the latest equipment. On the other side British were equipped with poorly armed and armoured Cruiser Mark Is, Cruiser Mark IIs, Cruiser Mark IIIs, Cruiser Mark IVs and Crusaders which proved to be no match for the experienced German crews with their Panzer IIIs and IVs. Only British made Mark III Matildas and Mark IV Churchills (and its latter variants) were a match with their 40mm guns and thick armor. British were also supplied with American tanks like M3 General Lee (American standards) , M3 General Stuart (British standards), M4 Sherman and others which were a match for German Panzers. To oppose all of those tanks the Afrika Korps relied on both Panzer III and IVs. Panzer III`s were mostly armed with either 37mm guns or 50mm guns depending on the variant. Panzer IV were armed with short or long barrelled 75mm guns that proved very effective. In early 1943 the first Panzer VI Tigers reached Africa. The Tiger was armed with a powerful 88mm gun that was superior to any Allied tank and its thick armour made it almost indestructible to Allied anti-tank weapons. However the Tiger's arrival was too late to change the fate of Axis Forces in Africa.

The Tiger

- The most fearsome tank in the North Africa Campaign.

The 88mm Flak Gun

- Used as anti-tank weapon with an effective range of 2000 yards.

Panzer Specials

- Upgraded Panzers With 75mm guns and sloped, sometimes spaced armour. Panzer III and IV`s.


Diverted and Committed Troops

Weapons In North Africa

Commanders and their tactics

High Command Disputes And Interference

Concluding thoughts on the North African Campaign

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