Below are Links that are relevant to Web pages that have proved useful in helping me to learn more about the Second World War. If you know of more then I would very much appreciate you letting me know so that I can add it. Also if you share an interest in the Second World War then please E-Mail me so that we can learn from each other and therefore help each other with photos, stats and general information. Would like to build up friendships with people who share the same interests as myself. So Mail Me !

A comprehensive links list by George at Achtung Panzer

'This website is dedicated to the history of tanks used by Panzertruppe during World War II'. A truly superb site with all you need to know about Panzers. Lots of Pictures and Info. Definitely THE Panzer page

A Comprehensive site with loads of Images of Combat Aircraft ranging from WW1 to Present day


Bletchly Park Website

ENIGMA and the story behind its inception and its bearing on the Second World War.


WW2 Aviation Page

Completely picture based and with extensive links.

 An excellent Aviation Archive. One of the best you'll find.


Panzer Korps Has excellent information on the different types of tanks in World War II. Has their history and spec with numerous photos as well.

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